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Product Specifications

Delkin Devices  Sensorscope SensorSafe Wands 24mm Refill (Camera Accessories)  

Main specs

Brand:  Delkin Devices

Type of Accessory:  Sensor Cleaner


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Delkin Devices-Sensorscope SensorSafe Wands 24mm Refill (Camera Accessories)-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories
Description Specifications


Type of Accessory

Sensor Cleaner


Supplement to Your Complete SensorScope® Camera Sensor Cleaning System (sold separately)
Includes (15) SensorSafe Cleaning Wands for 24mm Sensors
Each Wand Head is Wrapped in a Soft, Lint-Free Sterile Fabric
Double-Sided & Wicked to Absorb Excess Fluid
For Coated and Non-Coated Sensors
Used in Conjunction with SensorSolution


Digital SLR's


Delkin Devices


Not Available

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