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PocketWizard  N90M-ACC-ND Pre-Trigger Remote Cable (Camera Accessories)  

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Brand:  PocketWizard

Type of Accessory:  Cables


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PocketWizard-N90M-ACC-ND Pre-Trigger Remote Cable (Camera Accessories)-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory



For remotely triggering the electronic shutter release of cameras with a Nikon 10-pin remote terminal. Cable length: 3' (91 cm). From 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo miniphone. To Nikon 10-pin remote terminal. 

For MultiMAX with ACC port.  This cable will NOT work with the Plus II.  This -ND cable contains a "no diode" circuit necessary only for the Nikon D700, but will work with other Nikon cameras as listed.  It will not work with the Nikon D200 or D100 w/ MB-D100.  Use the N90M-ACC cable for those cameras.
ACC Cables are a special kind of pre-trigger cable for use with the new FlexTT5 or the latest MultiMAX.  Toggle pre-rigger on and off remotely with the MultiMAX.  Required for remote camera triggering with a FlexTT5 if using E-TTL functions.  NOTE: An older mono motor drive cable and/or pre-release cable can be used instead of an -ACC cable with a FlexTT5 but you will not have E-TTL capability.


Compatible with cameras using Nikon's 10-pin remote terminal including: 

Nikon: N90, D3, N90S, D3S, F5, D3X, F6, D4, F100, D300, D1, D300s, D1H, D700, D1X, D800, D800E, D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs, 
Kodak: DCS Pro SLR/n, DCS Pro 14n, DCS 760, DC 720x, DCS 660, DCS 660M, DCS 620, DCS 620x, 
Fujifilm: S3 Pro, S3 Pro UVIR, S5 Pro, IS Pro




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